Jeanne’s Rug School Classes

Jeanne’s  Rug School Classes


May:  Cedar Lakes, WVA

Sept:  Fall foliage Fiesta, VT

Oct:  Rock River, IL
Nov:  Hooking and Looking, FL

2012 Rug Schools

May:  Cedar Lakes, WVA   nancy blair

June:  Trent, Peterborough, Ontario.  Mary Janet Mustard <>

July  Holland, Mich  nancy blair

Oct:  Rock River, IL   joan reckwerdt

Please contact the rug school directly through their e mail, or ads in RH or ATHA. . . or e mail Jeanne for more information.  In addition to camps, Jeanne teaches at several private workshops a year around the country, and also in her studio.    If you are interested in booking a workshop with her to teach in your area,  or in her studio,  please e mail Jeanne for particulars.   If you have a small group interested in a 2-3 day workshop here in the Brookfield, Ma studio. . .nearby Sturbridge offers many choices for accomodations and restaurants, and some good shopping, too.

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