Summertime. . .and the dyeing is hot!

Although the  record hot weather really prohibited me from dyeing for nearly a week, I soon was back at it for as long as I could tolerate the heat.  Generally, if I am home, I dye about 50 yards a week of  whatever is needed for orders, colour plans, and just to keep ahead on stock.   Last week, I got some textures overdyed, using my formulas.   Here are a few of them.  These are, from top to bottom,  bosc pear, army blanket, primitive sky, red onion, coffee bean, tree lichen, and oriental red.  The right side is burnt red, army blanket, jack o lantern, jessie’s antique, indian red, and pasture.   Although I’ve dyed for 40 years now, I never get tired of seeing what  results I get from the different textures.  Such fun!

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  1. Nancy Schmidt says:

    Looked at your dyed textures (this summer and one of a kind) they are great! I also bought some of the bundles at Bishop Lane Retreat in October. Your dying of wool colors is GREAT. I will have to check your site more often. Nancy

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