This will be a new section, to show the types wools that I always bring with me to schools and workshops.  As they are one of a kind, I hesitated for years to put them online.
But, as many people have asked, I’ll give it a go!
All of these are hand  dyed by me.
If it is new wool, you will see the dye name, as I use my yardage formulas frequently on textured wool.
Otherwise, you’ll  see  an irregular size,  a bundle, or clothing.  These are a mix of  remnants, vintage, recycled and odds and ends. Note. . .there may be slits, notches, holes or odd sizes present.  Older wools, like life, aren’t perfect.  The prices reflect this; they are lower. (That’s always good news!)   Any wool that is not brand new is mothproofed by me before it  goes into my work area.  My customers love these reasonably priced odd  balls for their vintage look, and because they are a bargain!
To purchase….. email me with your choice and zip code.  I can then weigh it and email you back with a total price.  Once payment is made, via paypal, or credit card (for orders over $50.00). . .the item will be moved to Sold!

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  1. Rokusek says:

    Can’t wait to see these pieces or read about them!! Your wool is my favorite of all wools! I use it the most of all wools for my rugs!! Thank you for having such great wool available!

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