Lib Callaway pattern photos wanted!

In anticipation of launching the Lib Callaway patterns to my website this fall. . . I’ve gone through 40 years of photos I took, and added those to what Lib and Margaret had.  There are some wonderful photos!  However, I am searching for photos of rugs that I do not have a photo for. . .or in some cases only one photo.  All these are listed below.  If you would like to contribute a photo via email (which would be used on online with credit given to you as the artist) and also attached to a sold pattern.. .  . I’d be thrilled to have some for consideration!  Of course, I’ll be adding photos after fall, as they come in as well!  Many thanks for your time and submissions, in advance!

American Eagle, American Star, Angry Eagle, Autumn Leaves, Beacon Hill, Bethel Farm, Bird Dog, Bonnie Lass, Brewster Horn, Buttons and Bows, Cable Car, Cape Cod Map, Cape Jewel, Caswell Puppies, Checkerboard Animals, Chevron Welcome, Claretta, Clipper Ship, Cohasset, Crane, Dobbin, Double Horn of Plenty, Down East Scroll, Early Bird, Early Half Round, Eastham, Fairfield Rose, Fantail Turkey, Fish, Flowers & Squares, Fruit Bowl, Geomet,Good Dog, Good Luck, Goose, Goose Boy, Grape Arbor,  Home Sweet Home, Hurd Rug, Indian Bird Tree, Indian Girls, Interlock, Kinderhook, Lions, Little Lion, Long Flowers, May Bee, Mowery, Music, Nauset, Norwegian, Owl, Pals, Pansies, Pansies, Peacock, Penny, Phyllis, Pineapple Lockleaf, Polly, Pork and Beans, Rex beauty,
Rex Primitive, Rex Roses and Scrolls, Rose, Rose Mallow, Rose Welcome, Rover, Santa,
Sarah Scroll, Sea Flags, Sea Horse, Sea Squares, Silhouette, Stars and Flowers, Stella, Strawberries, Tiger Family, To Market, U-Name-It, Unicorn, Village Horse, The Village, Waring Flower, Wedding Rug, Welcome, Whaling, Williamsburg, Yarmouth.

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