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I was delighted to find this wood dye cabinet in really wonderful display condition, and have kept it for a short while.  But now I am offering it for sale; I always need room in the studio!   If you need more photos to consider, I’ll be happy to email some to you.  I can also deliver this you at a camp i’ll drive to, to teach at.  Or it can be picked up here by appointment.  The price is $950.

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For some time now, I’ve been using and demo’ing this great iron. . both at home and at rug schools.  It is the best iron I have ever owned, both for clothing  and rugs but especially for fast and easy steaming/pressing of hooked rugs.  In fact, I haven’t found a rug yet that it has failed to make lay flat in only a few minutes.  I stock them in my studio, so if you would like to mail order one, e mail me.  No more drippy washclothes and repeated tries for a flat rug!  The price is $210. plus shipping.

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