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Century of Shoes

22" x 32"
  • Century of Shoes
  • Century of Shoes
  • Century of Shoes
  • Century of Shoes

This was another fun rug, that I'd like to do again, but more creatively. I used swatches for minimal shading and "mocha frosting" for the background. That way the whites and blacks would show up. When I taught it to some very clever people, they hooked in roving, yarn, plastic bags; all kinds of things. They've also sewn on leopard skin and buttons and shoe laces. Definitely out of the box thinkers.

Jan Misererdino's shoe rug has great colours!

Creatively hooked with embellishments by Louise Gleason.

Another whimsically fun version was hooked by Caroline Dallager. The two different inner backgrounds add an antique touch.

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